2012 Menu Planning: 3/18 – 3/14/12

It’s been a whirlwind at our home for a few weeks.  Sorry I haven’t posted.  I have planned menus, and they have been a lifesaver!  At least one part of each day has gone right.  Except that one day when I realized I hadn’t taken anything out of the freezer when DH told me he had to work late unexpectedly.  Gotta love Papa Murphy’s.

Hey, if you can’t work with what Life hands you…. refer to the meal plan!  We’ve been able to weather the storms here because of the stability of the dinner hour.  Sounds corny, but it works for us.  The coming few weeks are going to be just as hellish.  A foreign visitor will bring joy and diversity, but this is new to us, and there are twists.  An unexpected trip due to medical issues during the visit.  Spring breaks.  Well, this is life in the States!

At least my house is clean after it’s home-oscopy.  (Yes, I did go there.)  Looks, feels and smells so much better!  Just gotta finish the kitchen after another visitor on Monday.  So, to keep the sanity, here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday:  Brats (1.99), Italian chicken sausages (1.99), mashed potatoes for the guys (FREE leftovers from camping), pan-cooked tri-color peppers (2.49).  About $6.50, with leftovers for three lunches!

Monday:  Crocked bbq chicken (.79 x 3), rice for the guys (.30), corn (.29).  About $3.00.

Tuesday:  Broccoli (.50) and cheese (1.25) quiche (eggs .26, crust .30), salads (.40).  About $2.75.

Wednesday:  Baked creamy chicken (.79 x 3, cream of soup .59, herbs from stash) , potatoes for the guys (~ .75), slaw (.30).  About $4.00.

Thursday:  Papa Murphy’s pizza for our foreign visitor (big splurge at $35), salad for me (.25).  About $35, and there will be leftovers.

Friday:  Welcome dinner at the German club.

Saturday:  Out to dinner in-between sight-seeing.  (I’m thinking good Nebraska steaks.)

These dinners for four will cost about $51.25, but on three days I’m feeding eight:  two adults, a tween, and two teen guys (each count as two).  And that doesn’t include going out.  That pizza puts me waaaay over the average weekly budget for this family.  However, it is a busy day after a very late night, and there’s a band concert involved, so no pizza from scratch.  But lots of  “average American flavor.”

Not frugal, you say?  Pshaw!  I’ve scrimped and saved for quite a while to make this splurge possible.  We want our guest to have a great experience, and the way to keep a teen guy happy is to feed him.  Next week we have more typical Cheap Thrills meals planned, just more food volume.

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