$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 10

I’d like to remind everyone that Project Hope can again benefit even more from your donations during the Feinstein Challenge.  Remember to contribute food donations in March and April!

I apologize, but Life has gotten in the way of Life, iykwim.  It’s been one thing after another here, and I’m still afloat!  So it has been, too,  with my grocery budget.  Without much time or extra cash, we’ve been eating from our stashes, and making fewer stops for groceries.  Consolidation of energy, time and resources has been the name of the game.  Here’s where my food dollars went in Week 10:

No Frills:  A little price matching (with snafu) and a big sale w/instant coupon.  Here’s a new twist on the price matching change game at No Frills.  Their “rules” keep changing, and you don’t know how it will play out till you’re at the register.  And I was at the register with a new employee.  Her trainers wanted to leave for the day and kept slipping into the office.  So it took several more minutes than it should have.  And I was really disappointed in this latest PM decision.  BagNSave had Kellogg’s cereals on sale 2.19, with an “instant coupon” to save .50 each wyb4.  NF would not honor the sale price of 2.19 — I didn’t try to PM the instant coupon discount, b/c I had another, better coupon.  But nope!  And a ‘tude.

So, anyway, I got lots of pastas, some household necessecities, and sodas for a long time (a 12-pack lasts a long time here).  PMd Kraft cheese to 1.49 and used $1/3 coupons.  PMd BirdsEye veg to 3/$1 and used a $1/3 coupon.  I also PMd a nice chuck roast for the Crock at 2.99/#.  Total for food $29.48.

Aldi: Just got some things we needed.  Milk was 2.33/gallon for skim on 3/8.  Strawberries were 1.29/#!  Total for food $16.51.

Baker’s:  Found tons of Kroger beer cheese brats at 1.99.  Bananas and cabbage were on my list.  Total for food $9.88.

Total this week: $55.87, which puts my monthly total just for food at $107.21.  Oh, we have tons in the freezers and pantries, still.  And when the boys bring home leftovers from campouts, well, we just get creative for a day or so.

What I’ve got for the coming weeks: I can’t believe I’m low on pork!  All those good deals got eaten up.  Some variety of beef, and many, many meals of chicken breasts, thighs and quarters.

 To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week.


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