$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 9 —

I’d like to remind everyone that Project Hope can again benefit even more from your donations during the Feinstein Challenge.  Remember to contribute food donations in March and April!

It was rough fitting in my grocery shopping this week.  And to be honest, I only needed a few things.  I did, though, get a few extra deals, just being frugal.

I was busy, and even though I did my due diligence and reported lots of deals, I only went to two stores, to get the necessary items on my list.  Unfortunately, I did not find loratadine (Claritin), so tomorrow I suffer.  Here’s what I got.

Bag N Save:  The need for a gallon of milk got me to the store, 3.49 – .40 insert coupon.  Picked up some Banquet meals for #1’s lunches.  Couldn’t pass up the 18-ct eggs for 1.39, or the bacon (pretty good ratio of meat/fat, actually) for 1.99.  Strawberries 1.99!  RC cola .99.  And some Johnsonville brats 2.99 – $1 insert coupon.  Total for food:  $21.50.

Aldi:  MILKS WERE 2.33/GALLON on 3/3/12!  Pickles, crackers, tortilla chips to go with chili, grahams, the usual we’re-out-of items.  Also picked up small cans of diced chiles for .59, apples 2.99, 2# grapes 1.58, tartar sauce, oj, and Romaine hearts.  Total for food:  $29.84.

Total this week: $51.34, which starts my monthly total just for food at $51.34. Didn’t need much this week, as the freezers are getting us by.  (I actually found some cooked pork I turned into bbq this weekend.)  We’re starting to think of “American style” meals to serve our exchange student in a few weeks, so I’ll be looking for deals to make those.  Pizza’s on the list, of course.  And I’m hoping for a good sale on beef for a giant pot roast. 

What I’ve got for the coming weeks: Believe it or not, still tons of chicken!  I was planning to make coq au vin Monday, but another vehicle issue could take up the precious time needed to tend properly to the bird.  “It’s always somethin’.” — Grandma Rosannadanna.  We’ve also got some ground beef, meatballs, makings for turkey tacos, fish, and vegs!  Lots of vegs.  Still eating (mostly) lean meals, and starches for the guys (eh, a teeny bit for me).

March is National Frozen Foods Month, and the coupons have appeared, so I’m expecting the sales this week.

 To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week.



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