2012 Menu Planning: 3/4 – 3/10/12

Birthday week was a diet bust.  Surprised, really?  But I did maintain the weight, and now we’re off on another leaner venture, for me anyway.

This week is about streamlining and makin’ it easy.  Sunday’s lean pot o chili only yielded one lunch extra.  What an eye opener — a pot o chili in my house no longer provides two dinners.  That, and the boys are some sort of alien replacements who have decided to conquer Earth by taking control of our food budget.  Same thing.

So I’m going with some pre-portioned dishes, and loading the plates with vegs.  If they want the bread and butter, it’s always there.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus:

Sunday:  Chili (beef $1, can of Mexi tomatoes .59, can of diced tomatoes .30, 2 cans beans .80, onion .10, misc spices .10), chips (.90 for dinner).  About $3.80.

Monday:  Tomato Basil marinated chicken breasts (<$1), broccoli (.50), cauliflower (.50), potatoes for the guys (.50).  About $2.50.

Tuesday:  Turkey soft tacos (meat 1.99, tortillas .79, cheese .50), salads (.40), rice for the guys (.30).  About $4.30.

Wednesday:  Mini cheese ravioli (3.38), red sauce (.50), broccoli (.50).  About $4.40.

Thursday:  Chicken pot pie (stay with me:  2 cans Progresso chicken pot pie soup 1.26, leftover FREE chicken, leftover vegs in the freezer FREE, 2 pie crusts 1.25 = 2.51), salads (.60, ’cause I get a huge one and a smaller piece of pie).  About $3.10.

Friday:  Salmon ($4), green peas (.88), salad for me (.15), rice for the guys (.30).  About $5.35.

Saturday:  Homemade pizza for the guys (crust .75, sauce .30 leftover from Wed., cheese $1, pepperoni .75 = 2.80).  Date night at home for us:  petite sirloin steaks 4.44, vegs tbd, marinated shrooms ~$1, potato for DH .20 = $6.  About $9.00.

These dinners for four will cost about $32.45, and that includes a fantastic meal for our date night!  You’ll notice I round up a little, which accounts for the S&P, splash of milk, etc.  It is a huge change to not expect leftovers from my dinners.  But we were talking about this, and realized it’s only another year and a half till we’re down to three, so starting to “cook big” all the time, then readjust, might not be worth it.  I can just plan for more lunch foods, and that’s easier for me than learning how to cook on a whole new level.

By the way, for my birthday, we went to Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse at Village Pointe.  (No coupon, no daily deal voucher, nothing!  Ack!)  Anyway, the food is absolutely delicious.  My salmon was very good, DH’s steak was excellent by his report, and the banana cheesecake, well, let’s just say I would definitely recommend it!  The bill was steep, though.  We saw folks apparently out for just another weeknight dinner.  Must be nice.

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