2012 Menu Planning: 2/26 – 3/3/12

My pared-down menus are working!  I lost three four (as of this morning) pounds last week!  What I did was cut out most starches for me, while still making them for the guys, and added more fresh vegs to my plate.  I also did get out and walk around before dinner on the days before the foul weather hit, and did some “yoga-esque” stretching lifts and resistance before sitting down to some of my evening shows.  And we hiked on Sunday at Hitchcock Nature Center.  But the food was key.  So I’m going along the same route this week.

We’ve got the usual activities this week, plus my birthday (old enough, and it’s impolite to ask).  I’m sticking to simple preparation, big flavor, and fresh vegs.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday:  Swiss chicken (chicken .99/#, homemade white sauce .20, Swiss cheese .50, dash of leftover champagne), broccoli (.50), cauliflower (.50), rice for the guys (.30).  About $3.50.

Monday:  Spaghetti (~.60) for the guys, meatballs with sauce (1.99), Italian blend cheese (.25), pan-grilled zuchinni (.43), salad for me (.30).  About $3.60.

Tuesday:  Mac & cheese (.25), tuna (.60 for two cans) for the boys.  Out with DH for my birthday (FREE with gift money).  About $1.50.

Wednesday:  Chicken Fajitas (chicken .99/#, peppers .65, onion .25, seasonings .20), salads (.80), rice for the guys (.30).  About $3.75.

Thursday:  Eggplant Parmesan (eggplant .99, bread crumbs .20, egg .07, Parm ~.10, Italian blend cheese .25), broccoli (.50).  About $2.10.

Friday:  Individual homemade pizzas!  (dough ~$1, cheese $2, toppings of choice ~$1), salad for me (.30).  About $4.50.

Saturday:  BBQ pork (1.48/# = 2.25), slaw (cabbage .39/#, dressing ~.20, carrots .12), mac & cheese for the guys ($2.89, and I’m sure it will all be gone).  About $5.75.

These dinners for four will cost about $24.70!  One meatless meal, another for the boys, and I’m having salmon on Tuesday.  I’m making my Friday pizza a veg, too, so that certainly works out well.  If I remember, I’ll Crock up the black beans I got last week (1.79/#), and toss some into the salads with the Wednesday fajitas for more Omega-3.  A 1/4 cup would be about .15, and the rest would get nicely packed for the freezer.

No weekly dessert treat this week, till Easter.  Since it’ll be my b’day, I may pull the 8″ round red velvet cake from the freezer and douse it with cream cheese frosting.

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