$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 8 — February Recap

Okay, I spent quite a bit this week.  BUT!  I found some terrific stock-up opportunities, as well as opportunities for Project Hope donations.  So I’m still under budget for the month!

I stopped by No Frills twice, Bag N Save twice, Aldi, and had a quite successful (on all counts) trip to Target.  My freezer is getting full again, which is a good thing, because our German exchange visitor will be here in about a month.  I’ll be cooking for “eight” to serve two adults, one tween and two teen boys.

There were some great produce deals and guess what?  I stocked up, because I have Green Bags, and they work.  Some went straight in, but the broccoli got blanched and frozen (some raw saved for munching).  Here’s what I got this week:

Bag N Save:  Tuna .29/can (limit 4, so two trips).   Banquet meatballs and marinara on sale; I didn’t get 10 items, so paid 1.99, which is still a fantastic price for a meal.  Meat bargain: petite sirloins, enough for date night and leftovers, 4.44.  Pollock fillets 1.79/#.  Salmon filets $1 each.  Lunchmeats 9 oz for 1.99 (3.54/#).  Wasa crackers 3.29 – 1.50/2 coupon.  1# black beans 1.79.  Our Fam sliced Swiss 2.69 – .55 coupon.  Total for food:  $35.63.

No Frills:  I went Tuesday to take advantage of a sale.  A chat with the meat manager told me that they would honor the Elkhorn sale flyer, because it did look like an all-No Frills sale.  I learned some interesting things in that conversation.  Boneless skinless chicken breasts for .99/#.  Jennie O turkey bacon .99.  I went on Thursday to take advantage of the new sales; I’m using the online flyer now, and treating the mail ad as a price match.  Strawberry jam 2.99.  Our Fam popcorn .91.  Quaker Chewy granola bars .99.  Our Fam rotini and bow ties .91.  Cascade action packs 3.98 – $1 mailer coupon!  Our Fam biscuits .50.  Ground beef — .99/#!!!  Eggplant .99.  Baby carrots .91.  Total for food:  $30.14.

Aldi:  Milks were 2.53/gallon; we buy skim almost always.  Cranberry apple juice 1.79.  Mini raviolis 1.69.  Large vanilla yogurt 1.99 and 1# frozen mixed berries 2.99.  Multi-colored peppers (3) 1.29.  Zuchinni (3 large) 1.29.  Broccoli crowns .79/huge packages.  Mushrooms 1# .79.  Cauliflower 1.69.  3 hearts of Romaine 2.49.  3# onions .79.  Total for food:  35.52.

Target:  I kept really, really close track of prices on every item I put in the cart, and I the total was exactly right this time.  Emerald cinnamon almonds 100 calorie packs (so helpful, and SO delicious!) 2.39 – 1.50/2 insert coupon.  Lloyd’s double-single packs 2.79 – $1 peelies = 1.79 — this comes to less per pound than the larger tubs with $1 insert coupons; I did the math.  Hormel Italian beef roast 4.99 – $1 coupons = 3.99 x 2 and FREE Country Crock potatoes.  Muir Glen tomato paste .92 – 1.10/2 coupon.  MP brown rice .79.  Kraft Parmesan 1.79 – .55 insert coupon.  Honey Bunches of Oats Fruit Blends 2.33 – $1 coupon.  Life Crunchtime apple 2.74 – $1 coupon.  Crunchy Nut and Raisin Bran (2 each) – $4/4 coupon – 2 $1/2 coupons.  BirdsEye steam vegs $1 – $1/2 coupons.  Stouffer’s Fresh Harvest mac/cheese 4.89 – $2 insert coupon (for a meatless kids’ meal or a side).  MP box mac/cheese .64 – $1/4 T coupon, for Project Hope.  No free chicken this week.  Total for food:  40.34.  Also got some H&B for Project Hope.

Total this week: $141.63 , which brings my monthly total just for food to $322.50. I am so Thrilled that I’ve built up frozen treasures that will serve us well for quite a while.  My freezer and pantry inventory tells me I have makings of more than a month of meals.  What that means to me is that I can rest secure for a while and maybe get some roasts and such for our guest. 

What I’ve got for the coming weeks: Fish and chicken, ground beef, and, well, more chicken.  We’re having more fresh veg sides, but the guys are having starches still.  (Did I mention I lost 3 pounds this week just cutting out starches?)  Still, we have mac and cheese for the guys, and pastas, which I’ll be measuring out for myself.  And, as always, a stash of brown rice, which is so nutritious it’s ridiculous.  March is National Frozen Foods Month, so maybe I’ll catch some deals and be able to take some water jugs out of the freezer.

 To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week.

 I’d like to remind everyone that Project Hope can again benefit even more from your donations during the Feinstein Challenge.  Remember to contribute food donations in March and April!


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