Kraft Deals at Bag N Save 2/22/12

The Kraft in-ad coupon deal just got better!  This week there is an in-ad Kraft coupon for $1 off Fresh Takes, Philly Indulgence, Cooking Creme or Milk Bites.  It’s a manufacturer’s coupon, so it can’t be stacked.  But!  You can take advantage of other coupons out, in addition to the ad one (let’s be clear: one coupon per item, not stacked), making for some pretty good deals:

Philadelphia Cooking Creme **and there’s a new 1/3 less fat version!** 2.50 – $1 = 1.50

Fresh Takes **these are a packet each of seasoned bread crumbs and shredded cheese** 2.49 – $1 = 1.49

Milk Bites 2.79 – $1 = 1.79

Indulgence 2.49 – $1 = 1.49

Ooh, yum!


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