$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 7

I was out of pocket most of the week, racing home and trying different routes for that.  Things are settling down, and I think I have the travel patterns figured out now.  Getting home a few hours earlier in the day is helpful in so many ways.  Grocery and meal issues are much easier to work with now.  And while my new “normal” does not want to go to the place where a nice fish filet is $8/#, I’m still keeping the grocery bill pretty low.

To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week! Here’s what I got last week:

Baker’s:  I stopped to get milk and dishwasher detergent, a quick in-and-out on the way home.  I also got some sale items:  frozen fish filets, eggs for .99/dozen, some lettuce.  Total for food:  9.84.

Aldi: Milk is up to 2.53/gallon, but the price does fluctuate.  It was 2.33 just days before I went back on Thursday.  Produce is improving in variety and quality, imho.  And I picked up a special pizza for #1 since he was home alone most of the weekend (he appreciated it for sure).  We needed some staples.  Oh, yes, and the two slices of cheesecake for a special treat.  Total for food:  35.48 (it’s the milk!).

Bag N Save:  I bagged several .29 mac and cheese for Project Hope.  Ocean Spray cranberry blend 1.99, and the last cranberry/cherry counted for the FREE cherry juice product for the coupon.  Awesome.  Roberts orange juices 2.24 each.  Some quick sale lunch meats and a .99 baguette for sandwiches.  Total for food:  17.07.

Total this week: $62.39. Total for the month so far: 180.87. The month is 3/4 over, so I’m happy with this spending!  I may take advantage of the surplus this week for some sale fish items, stocking up on low-fat, heart-healthy items, and other good stuff like vegs.

What I’ve got for the coming weeks: Chicken.  (Really?)  Sides in the freezer, both Honeybaked and my own.  I found a bunch of “this and that” in the freezers, so I’ll be getting creative using vegs in my dishes.  To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week.



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