$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 6 — $93 Chicken?!

I’ll say it again: distractions at the register can lead to transaction mishaps!  Sometimes those distractions can be the store employees themselves.  Fortunately, customer service people can be very understanding.  But mishaps come in many forms.

This week, I ventured to No Frills in Elkhorn again, to use the home-delivery coupons for FREE bananas and a .99 24-pack of water.  I did most of my shopping there this week, along with a few price matches.   We purchased some chips, and were having difficulty with the bagger trying to put them under the heavier items.  So I was distracted.  After coupons, my total was about $144; I’d calculated about $50 total.  But seeing the “are you done yet” faces, I was not about to hold up the line, or risk even more grocery damage.  Since I didn’t have $144 cash, I put the purchase on my credit card, which I really hate to do.  Reviewing the receipt, I found the culprit: “meat item….93.30”.  I’d picked up two packages of Smart Chicken Italian sausages priced .99 each (great deal!).  From the muffled discussions at the CS desk, and a request to copy my receipt, I gathered that cashier mistakes are not uncommon there.  (This was a clearance item, keyed in, not scanned.)  How does a .99 tag become 93.30?  The refund was made to my credit card, but now I’ve got those charges to deal with, and we’ve been trying to keep my credit card balance gas-only low.  “Oops.”  Oh, and after I got home I realized only one of my milks was PMd, so there was an extra .63.

So if you go to Elkhorn No Frills, be prepared to stop the cashier when there are distractions, errors in ringing, and gold-plated meat being charged.  As for me, it will be a while before I head back there, great coupons or not.

To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week!  Here’s what I got this week:

Aldi:  Milk is still 2.33/gallon!  Yippee!  The strawberries for 1.49 are terrific (not at all mushy or underripe), and I found some mini sweet peppers for 1.69 (these look like hot peppers but have the taste of bells — nice for a small amount).  This and that staples.  Total for food:  $24.57.  I also got some fabulous roses 9.99/dozen for church flowers.

No Frills:  See above.  Diamond-encrusted sausages aside, I got some deals.  FREE 5# flour went to Project Hope.  24-pack of water bottles .99.  FREE 1# bananas.  Pillsbury pie crust 1.50 – .50/2 = 1.25.  Milk should have been 2.66 – .30 = 2.36.  Campbell’s soups .44 – .40/4 = .34.  Butter Kernel vegs 2/$1 – $1/4 = .25.  Great deals on detergent, cleaners, and some H&B.  Total for food:  $25.14.

Total this week:  $49.71.  Total for the month so far: 118.48.  The only meat I got was for sandwiches, and the chicken Italian sausages.  I’m glad to still find nice seasonal vegs and fruits.  

What I’ve got for the coming weeks:  Still with the chicken!  Pastas, I see, and some wrapped turkey tenderloin filets for Valentine’s Day (also our 20th anniversary).  And I cashed in my Honeybaked Ham voucher, so I have lots of sides in the freezer.  To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week.


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