2012 Menu Planning: 2/11 – 2/18/12

It was a great week, because I had all my dinners planned.  Except for Saturday, which I forgot to put in the Crock Pot, so we had *ahem*za.  I’m human.  Imagine that.

This week includes Valentine’s Day, which is also our 20th anniversary, a “flexible” schedule, and an interesting mix of weekend plans.  Menu planning has been a challenge.  But I’ve come up with a plan.  And that, my friends, is what it’s all about.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday:  Roasted chicken breasts (.79/#), potatoes (.50), carrots (.99).  About $4.50.  Chicken served cut from bone; leftover picked chicken being used for Tuesday.

Monday:  Cheesy Ham & Potato Casserole (~1.50), green beans (.25).  About $2.

Valentine’s Day Tuesday:  Parma Rosa (.69) pasta (.75) with leftover chicken (free), salads (.20) for the boys; about 1.65.  For us: bacon-wrapped turkey tenderloins ($5), steamed baby Yukon gold potatoes (.40), salads (.40); about $5.80.  1-layer red velvet cake about 1.20.  Candles, white tablecloth, and soft music will be involved.  Total about $8.65.

Wednesday:  Italian skillet: sausage (.99), white beans (.50), tomatoes (.45); garlicky (.03) green beans (.25).  About $2.25.

Thursday:  Fish sticks (~3.00), Honeybaked mac/cheese (free), salads (.60).  About $3.60.

Friday:  Soft tacos (1.99 for meat, .79 for tortillas, .50 for cheese), chips (.50) for the boys; about 3.80 — and there will be plenty of leftovers, so about half that (1.90).  Meal for us:  balsamic chicken breasts (1.85), Honeybaked mashed potatoes (free) and green beans (free), Cordial Cherry chocolates (free); about $1.85 for us.  Total about $3.75.

Saturday:  Totally TBD — everyone has a different schedule and activity!  Someone will be having leftover soft tacos (1.90).  I’m hoping to keep this to about $4 total.

I also made a batch of chocolate cookies with peppermint icing and sprinkles to get us through the week, about 1.46.

These dinners for four will cost about $30!  This includes our special anniversary dinner and lovely desserts.  And a word about the fish sticks:  Aldi’s Fit & Active fish sticks are made with NutraPure, a fish protein added to breading to make fried fish less able to absorb oil (I had to research that).  This makes the fish healthier to eat; I’ll be giving a review of this one.

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