2012 Menu Planning: 2/5 – 2/11/12

It’s back to work I go!  (whistling like a cartoon character)  This week we have some early evening activities, and I’m working till 5 pm.  Can I say again how I love my programmable oven, my Crock Pot, and my freezer?

This week’s inspiration is my schedule.  There need to be meals in tummies by 5:45 one night, and 5:15 another night.  Zip, zip, zip.  (Quite frankly, I don’t know how or why people do this all the time.  This is unusual for us.)  I’ll be out the door an hour after everyone else, which gives me time to prep and program whatever is necessary for dinner.  I’ll be working in two offices in different areas of town, and I don’t know what kind of rush hour traffic I’ll encounter.  (Thankful the snow is pretty much plowed away, though!)  Sunday SuperBowl eats aside, these are quick go-togethers using what’s on hand.

Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Super Bowl Sunday:  Bratwurst ($4), pepperjack potatoes (cheese $.75, sour cream .40, onion .10, potatoes .50), cole slaw (cabbage .38/#).  About $6.15.  (Plus the chips and beer, which come from entertainment.)

Monday:  Swiss Chicken from the freezer (about $4), roasted cauliflower (.50).  About $4.50.

Tuesday:  Spaghetti (.50) with meatballs ($1.50), broccoli (.50).  About $2.50.

Wednesday:  Crocked Chunky soup ($2), fancied up with fresh garlic (.05) and some dried herbs (.10), bread and butter (~.35).  About $2.50.

Thursday:  Chicken (FREE and cooked, in the freezer) soft tacos (.79) with cheese (.60), salads (.40), corn (.48).  About $2.30.

Friday:  Sauerkraut (.65)/noodle (.75)/ beef sausage ($1) dish.  About $2.40.

Saturday:  Crock Pot turkey soup (FREE turkey carcass) with vegs (leftovers, ~$1), and biscuits (.50).  About $1.50.

These dinners for four will cost about $21.85!  The special treat of brats was a deal, but brought up the cost.  Still, it was the SuperBowl.  The dessert for the week will be chocolate cookies (.85) with peppermint icing (.45), about $1.30, but won’t mak an appearance till Monday night.

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