$350 Per Month In 2012 — January Recap

Since I had some money left in my grocery budget, and since there has been increased need at Project Hope, I went out to get donations (because I do that from my grocery budget — that’s just me).  I also found a few meat and dairy bargains for us.  Here’s what I got this week:

Baker’s:  Hangtag alert!  On various Vlasic pickle jars: $1/2 Vlasic pickles or relish exp April.  I used mine right away on new lower sodium dill spears at 2.49 – $1/2 = 1.99 each.  Kroger ketchup $1.  Roasting root vegs marked to .99 to replace a veg tomorrow.  Big bag o salad also marked to .99 for two dinners.  Dairy manager special (Pepperwood, in the bin next to dairy): Kroger 10 whole wheat tortillas half off = .79 — I got 3 and left plenty, so hurry if you want some.  Also got oxi detergent for PH at 2.49.  Total on food:  14.66

Bag N Save: I went specifically to get the Chunky soups for PH, and I did get them 1.25 – $1/4 (my last coupon!) = $1.  Also found Johnsonville beer brats (the good kind) 2.99 – $1/2 = 2.49.  And some wrapped turkey tenders for a special Valentine dinner $5.  OF complete pancake mix 2.29 – .50 OF coupon = 1.79.  Also some wipes for PH and HE detergent for us.  Total on food:  20.64

Total this week: $$35.30, which brings my monthly total just for food to $353.14.  Ooh, so close!  And yet, at least $30 of that total went to Project Hope donations.  I’m glad I can take it out of my grocery budget!  (So for our own personal groceries, about $325, but I’m counting the whole amount.)

It is entirely possible to eat well on a very tight budget!  This month I loaded up on loss leader meats (but I didn’t have to).  So for the next couple of months, I won’t need to get much meat.  Unless, of course, there is an unbelievable loss leader sale on beef.  Pork and chicken and turkey are plentiful, though.  And pantries are full.  WE ARE SO VERY BLESSED!

I’d like to remind everyone that Project Hope can again benefit even more from your donations during the Feinstein Challenge.  Remember to contribute food donations in March and April!

REMEMBER:  To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week!


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