2012 Menu Planning: 1/29-2/4/12

It was good to not have to think about dinners last week.  The thinking was done, the planning was done, and I just had to thaw, prepare and put it on the table.  The brownies were excellent, thankyouverymuch, and lasted the whole week — I can hardly believe that, either.

This week we start with a FREE roast turkey , obtained a few months ago at No Frills.  The turkey makes return appearances in sandwiches and on the menu.  Our treat for the week will be pumpkin pie bars, which is simply a pie made flat in a rectangular pan, which will hopefully last a while.  I have “one of those days” on Thursday, so we’ll be having a freezer meal.

This unseasonably warm weather is getting me excited to fire up the grill.  And by fire, I mean we have a gas starter charcoal grill that even I can do.  Next Sunday is one of those football events, so it’ll be a great time to cook out.  Seriously, who would have thought, after the last few years, that it’d be 58 degrees in Omaha, Nebraska, at the end of January?!

Here is what’s on our dinner menus:

Sunday:  Turkey (FREE), stuffing (.89), carrots (.49), salads (.60), gravy (close to FREE).  About $2.00.

Monday:  Tex-Mex Casserole (seasoned meat $2, cheese .60, beans .10, prepared cornbread .60), salad (.60).  About $3.90.

Tuesday:  Leftover turkey (FREE), rice (.40) pilaf (extra .20), broccoli (.58).  About $1.20.

Wednesday:  Crocked sauerkraut (.65) with bacon (.40) and onion (.25), pan-grilled boneless pork chops (1.89/#, so ~ 2.84), boiled baby Yukon gold potatoes (.30).  About $4.45.

Thursday:  Chicken pasta dish from the freezer (~ 2.00), salads (.60).  About $2.60.

Friday:  BBQ pork from the freezer (1.48/#, so about 3.21 with sauce), roasted russet wedges (.50), slaw (~.50).  About $4.25.

Saturday: TBD, probably turkey casserole with leftovers. Aiming for $2.00.

 These dinners for four will cost about $18.40! I’m finding that offering whole wheat bread and butter to #1 is helping the bottomless pit effect, even though he rarely eats it.  The dessert is about $2.42, per MasterCook.

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