“Woe To Me.” — Printer Issues

YAY!  The new printer’s here!  The new printer’s here!  Lovely black, industrial-looking printer! 😀

Waaaaahhh!  Our printers died.  We’re having a double memorial.  I did have one running on draft, which was giving us crummy prints, but now that’s pretty much out of commission, as well.  (The printer cartridge cover is broken and jury-rigged right now.)

This means no more printing — no school papers, nor coupons, nor merit badge forms — until the new one arrives.

And for now, that means I don’t even have the opportunity to double-check the coupons I present to you.  I do check them, to be sure of the details!  Often, you don’t see the important details until the coupon prints.  So bear with me, folks.  If I present the wrong coupon deal, I apologize in advance.  Please do correct me!  We’re all in this together.

I did lose some coupon prints from Target.com, doggone it.  They’re in ether, and will evaporate as soon as we uninstall the remains of the 17-year-old HP laser printer.  (Yup, it really lasted that long — and through two moves.)  (My Dell AOI stinkjet, however, lasted less than three years.)


We’re hoping the new printer comes by tomorrow, because it was promised for today.  Since UPS now has USPS deliver much of its residential packages, the tracking is lost as soon as it goes on the truck to the post office.  Tick.  Tock.


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