What is Cheap Thrills Reading?

Wow!  This gal is gooood!  The book came out in 2009, and feeding a family — OF TEN KIDS! — was getting harder and harder.  Still Mary Ostyn managed/s to beat the system and do well by her family with what has become routine for her.

You can make it routine, too.  Here Ostyn outlines her secrets to success, and her action plan suggestions for you.  I have much to learn from this woman.  And I’m still reading!  I haven’t even gotten to the recipes, but the first few chapters are must-read material.

I can already see that my prices for groceries are less than hers because of the way I shop (she doesn’t use many coupons).  But some of her strategies have evaded me thus far.  Ten kids (many adopted from the love of her heart), two adults and limited funds have taught her what works best for her.

And that’s the one thing you should take away from any advice — find what works for you, claim it, own it, and live your best.  We’ll help you out with the local deals and coupon info.

CT recommends this book!  Family Feasts for $75 a Week: A Penny-wise Mom Shares Her Recipe for Cutting Hundreds from Your Monthly Food Bill



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