$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 3

This was a good week .  I found some new recipes to try, rediscovered old faves, tried new tricks.  And I stayed on target with my grocery spending.  I’ve gone back to paying with cash, and that really helps keep me focused on how much I’m spending.  This has been a key factor in my grocery savings over the years.

To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week!  Here’s some of what I got:

Target:  Yes, I went back, and the cashier was kind to understand my request to wait so I could watch the register.  Very helpful gal.  Hormel lunchmeats 2.04, Farmland bacon 2.49, Swiss Miss cocoa .89.  Total on food:  $10.84

Bag N Save:  Dozen large eggs .79, loaves of wheat bread 1.44, frozen veg .67, cans of tuna .49.  Total on food:  $8.57

Aldi:  5# potatoes .99, 2# spaghetti 1.59 (.80/#), produce, bananas .44/#, sliced Swiss cheese 2.19, pure vanilla extract 1.99 (at another store for $4+).  Total on food:  23.01

Baker’s:  Free Brawny, of course, which is not considered grocery in my house.  Milk $1/half gallon, Helper meals for Project Hope, yogurts for lunches .33, 3-pack ranch dressing packets 1.99 (.66 each, cheaper than Aldi for the brief moment they have them), 1# ground pork 1.69.  Also not a grocery purchase: Oral B dental floss $1.29 – $1 dentist bag coupon = .29.  Total on food:  $21.80

Total this week:  $64.22.  No compelling loss leaders to upset the balance this week.  Total for this month so far:  $255.32.  I’m $94.68 under budget, with 11 days to go.  I hope to use the balance for more Project Hope donations next week.

What I’ve got for the coming weeks:  I’ve been able to round out my pantries/freezers.  Also, the new “budget recipes” I’ve been researching have given me inspiration.  (The whole turkey will be the impetus of my menus a week from now.  If you’ve been wondering.)

To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week!


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