$350 Per Week — Grocery Cost This Week 2

I was a grocery shopping wuss this week.  The weather turned crazy windy (50 mph gusts), and frigid (wind chill temps well below zero).  I did not care to go out in it, so I planned my travels accordingly. 

To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week!  Here’s some of what I got:

Target:  Oh, my!  BEWARE at the register.  Although I was very careful to jot down the shelf price, and to watch the register scans, I still got taken for about $1 this week.  Of course, I didn’t thoroughly examine the receipt till I got home, which was my mistake, I suppose.  (But really, why shouldn’t I wait, when the register looked correct while ringing?)  I got split chicken breasts which should have been $4.19 – stacked coupons = 1.44/pkg (.82/#), but ended up being 4.79 – coupons = 2.04/pkg (1.17/#) — see what I mean?  (Very disappointing!  I may have to really slow it down for other customers at the checkout.)  I also got chicken tenders, whole wheat bread 2.15 – $1/2 coupon = 1.65 each.  And there’s the Market Pantry mac/cheese dinner which should have been 1.44 – $1 coupon = .44, but rang up 1.59 on my receipt – $1 = .59; that’s going to Project Hope, but still, it’s 34% more than I planned to pay!   Total on food:  $26.06.

Bag N Save:  “HI!” to the man in the juice aisle!   (Now you know why we were loading up!)  Old Orchard juices for .49 w/coupon.  The .79/# chicken breasts were considerably Cheaper than the Target “deal.”  Jennie O taco meat can’t be beat at 1.49 after peelie wyb2!  These will be used in soft tacos, casseroles, and maybe chili.  Elbow macaroni .75 in the dollar aisle!  I picked up 1# bacon for$2 and ~1# beef rope sausage for 1.87.  Total on food:  $50.09.  (See below.)

Aldi:  Milk at 2.49/gallon, yogurts .38, grape tomatoes 1.19, regular list items.    Total on food:  $22.22.

HyVee:  I went back into the 132/Dodge store.  Kleenex for .60 is compelling, really.  Total on food:  $1.14 for sale bin items.

Total this week:  $99.51.  It was the chicken — I couldn’t pass up the .79 deal.  So next week, unless there’s an unsurpassed beef deal (which is highly unlikely), I’m gonna have to beg off stocking up on the meat, in order to meet my monthly budget.  Total for this month so far:  $191.10.  That’s so doable. 

What I’ve got for the coming weeks:  Now-frozen-leftover ham for casseroles, the pork, the whole turkey, many meals of chicken, and taco meat.  Plus pastas, potatoes and rice, and vegs, and the makings for breads, rolls and pizza doughs.

To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week!


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