Grocery Prices One Year Later — 2010 v. 2011

I was just reviewing some old posts, including my Week 52 of $80/Week in 2010 post.  WOW!  What an eye-opener!

Can you believe that less than a year ago, milk was 1.79/gallon at Aldi?  It’s up to 2.49, a 39% increase!  Peanut butter up 50% to 1.49 best recent sale price.  Bread deals are still around, though.  Cheese is up 25% to 1.25 best recent sale price.

Still, it’s possible to get great grocery deals, finding clearance, using coupons, stacking, and being smart about what you buy.  Eating well is about balance: protein, whole grain, vegs, fruits, and the occasional treat. 

My predictions for this year’s prices include local fruits and vegs at great prices, especially in spring, with the warm winter.  Eggs, I predict, will be the most affordable animal protein.  Whole grains, especially corn, will likely skyrocket until late in the year.  And the gas to get to the store will go up, up, up, too (because of the ethanol funding withdrawal).

It’s educational to look back, to review what worked and what didn’t.  How much our lives have changed.  I am fully aware that someone is selling hollow legs to tween and teen boys in our area!  Aside from that, though, it’s the price of groceries that has had the biggest impact on feeding our family.

And yet, I’m sticking to my $350/Month in 2012 budget.  Oh, btw, I’m still making Project Hope donations from the food budget.  It makes me pause, and realize that I’m helping feed another family.  It makes me really appreciate the Daily Bread I’ve been given.


2 thoughts on “Grocery Prices One Year Later — 2010 v. 2011

  1. Kudos to you, Lisa, for making charitable donations a part of your budget! It does give one a chance to pause and consider what we have, doesn’t it?


    • I encourage everyone to donate part of their “haul” deals — especially the deals you won’t necessarily eat yourself. And I know you, do, too, Dawn, so kudos right back at ya!


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