Cheap Eats: Roasted Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Recently I was reminded about home frozen food delivery.  I checked out some of the available products, and decided to try my hand at some of them myself.  Roasted chicken breast nuggets looked good, but got so-so reviews, and at $14+ for 1.5#, are out of my budget.  A challenge!

I found chicken tenders for $3.36 and a $1 off sticker at Aldi last week.  This sizeable package yielded about 48 large nugget-sized pieces of chicken, which I roasted while I packaged the rest of my groceries.  Here’s how I made them:

48 chicken breast pieces, two-bite sized
salt and pepper
about 1 teaspoon olive oil

Mixed all the ingredients in a bowl until well coated.  Placed in a glass baking dish in one layer.  Roasted at 375 degrees for about 25 minutes until browned.  Cooled, placed in a freezer bag, and froze. 

48 nuggets make about 5 lunch servings.  I tried a few for my lunch that day with some leftover pasta.  Moist, flavorful, and really tasty.  I can see these used in lots of ways; what a versatile thing to have in the freezer!  For about .47 per serving, I’d take these nuggests over the prepared breaded version!  Next time I might try different seasonings, perhaps letting them “marinate” for an hour or two. 

If I can get more FREE or nearly free chicken, that would make this an even better deal.  Even the .88/# split breasts can be used for this (save the bones for stock).


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