$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost Week 1

I’m on my way!  With double coupons this week at No Frills, and some terrific loss leaders elsewhere, I spent a bit this week in preparation for slim weeks ahead.  Here’s some of what I got:

No Frills:  FREE oatmeal, milks PMd to HV at .99/half gallon, Our Fam cereals $1, applesauce for .78 and .69, Campbell soups .40.  Total on food:  $16.95.

Aldi:  Ugh!  Milk is up to 2.49/gallon!  There were some great produce buys, including whole pineapple .99,  pears 4/.99 and grapefruit .29.  I found a package of fresh chicken tenders marked down and got enough for 48 roasted nuggets for 2.36.  Best deal of all, though, was the 7.69# ham for just $8!  Total on food:  $34.87.

I purposely got a spiral-sliced, bone-in ham.  It makes for great sandwiches, plus we have perfected making soup with the bone and not having unwanted stuff in it.  I am certain I can get five meals, a week’s worth of sandwiches, and a double batch of soup out of this one ham at $1.04/#.

HyVee:  Never, ever thought I’d say this, but I went back into the 132/Dodge store.  I am impressed with the new-to-me layout, cleanliness, and friendliness of staff.  Must have new management; I was not scowled at once!  I could go back.  I was able to get half gallon milks .99, shredded cheeses 1.25, 5# russets 1.18, and a terrific deal on whole boneless pork loin 1.89/#.  Total on food:  $33.19.

I immediately cut up the loin into four Foodsaver packages of 6 pork chops, and a 3.5 roast which will serve two meals.  All for 14.82.  Seriously!  Six meals’ worth for $2.44 each.

Bag N Save:  I got 10 Our Fam spaghetti rings for Project Hope at .39 each, a huge Romaine for 1.49, and some other needed groceries.  Total on food:  $6.58.

Total this week:  $91.59.

Now, at first glance, it seems I may have gone over budget.  But this is why I switched to a monthly calculation.  In order to take advantage of the double coupons and the pork deal, I had to spend a little more this week.  That means in the coming weeks I’ll take advantage of only the best deals, and make do with what we have.  If I did not have the bigger picture and entire budget to work with, I would have definitely shopped differently.

What I’ve got for the coming weeks:  a ham, a lot of pork, a whole turkey leftover from November that was FREE, lots of ingredients in freezers and pantries.  I still have several pounds of flour to make biscuits, pizza doughs, and possibly some new recipes.


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