No Frills will double manuf coupons up to .55 this week!  Rules worth noting:

Limit 10 doubling coupons per customer

One coupon per item

Limit of 2 identical coupons for 2 identical items

Coupons of .55 or less will be doubled

Coupons of .56 or more will be doubled up to .55

No rain checks or subs

“Do not double” coupons will not double

Good at ALL No Frills!



6 thoughts on “DOUBLE COUPONS AT NO FRILLS!!! 1/4-10/12 ONLY

  1. Thanks for posting about the double coupons and explaining the .55 more if coupon is greater!!
    I used the fb $1.50 Motts coupon to buy the large jar of applesauce for $2.78-1.50-.55=$0.73

    Malt-O-Meal cereals 10 oz. .98ea in special display -$1/3 coupon (sorry, I forget where I got that, but it’s recent) = $3- $1 -.55= 1.45 (.48 ea)

    Roberts sourcream 1.50 -.30 ( .90

    Now I’m wondering if they will give .99 + .55 for the 2 ltr coke zero q from earlier on fb. That should make it nearly free, right? off to consider a second, more prepared, trip to No Frills….


    • Great deals, Nadine! I think you’re right about the second trip — once you see what the unadvertised prices are, you can put together some cool deals.


  2. I went to my NF store tonight and we were correct. I had a “$1.50 off of 2” coupon which doubled up to $2.05! There are definitely some great deals to be had! 🙂


  3. Am I reading this right? Any coupon over 56 cents will be doubled up to 55 cents. So does that mean a $1.00 coupon will be doubled for a total discount of $1.55?


    • Kelli, it is confusing language. My understanding is that you are correct. A $1 coupon will “double” up to .55 extra in value (or the product price, since you cannot get overage). A .75 coupon would “double” as .75 + .55, or 1.30. This is all very mind-bending for the cashiers, as well, so please be patient with them as they check with management, etc. Remember that you can only use TWO identical coupons, and that you can only use TEN coupons total at a time.


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