The Pink Box: Ready Your Coupons for 2012

It’s time to get our shopping and coupons systems in order for the new year!  This is my Command Central when I’m shopping.  The Pink Box.  Coupons, filed by category.  Calculator.  Scissors.  Extra pencil.  The lid fits underneath to hold the coupons I pull to use at the register.

One key to using coupons — and keeping your food costs manageable — is using an organizing system that works for youI’ve tried various methods.  This works for me.  I have not left this coupon box in the cart — it’s so bright and hard to miss in the cart!  The lid locks nicely, and the contents have not dumped once.  The box is only about 1/3 full, but it has been near capacity at times.  Easy to pull out coupons, organized how I use them.

Also, an occasional pruning is necessary.  Oops — I just found a coupon that expired last September.  Usually I pull expireds when I come across them in the store (putting them behind the last divider and tossing later), but it’s really easy to overlook a few.

So on my agenda today is cleaning out the Pink Box.  Here is a process I’ve used, and recommend for new coupon users.  Today, I’ll just go through all the sections, one by one, discarding, and organizing what’s left.

New year, clean slate, organized coupons.  Go get ’em!


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