2012 Menu Planning: 1/1-1/7/12

In keeping with my $350 per Month in 2012 plan, I continue to menu plan with a vengeance.  (But it’s a happy vengeance!)  Our menus include more scratch cooking than normal.  And you’ll start to see “from the freezer” more often, which means I’ve been doing big freezer cooking sessions.

This week starts off with homemade split pea soup, with the hambone from Christmas, and just gets better from there.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday:  New Year’s split pea soup (peas 1.19, carrots ~.25, onion ~.25, hambone considered free), radiatore noodles (.89).  About $2.60, and there are leftovers for another meal.

Monday:  (ONLY because of the game — Go, Huskers! —  and the junk the boys will be eating throughout) Chicken nuggets $1.98, cinnamon apples (~$1).  The chili cheese fries will total about $2.50.  Total about $5.50.  I’ll have a salad, about $.30 with extra veg.

Tuesday: Spaghetti (.89) with red sauce and meatballs (1.74), salads (.50).  About $3.15.

Wednesday:  Crocked BBQ pork butt (1.48/#, sauce .50), roasted potatoes (~.75), cole slaw (.39/# cabbage).  About $4.25 for this meal; lots of leftovers going into the freezer. 

Thursday:  Hearty Meat Pie from Taste of Home (making one to try; stay tuned for review) (homemade pie crust ~.45; other ingredients ~$3; ground beef 1.99/# on sale), salads (.50).  About $3.75. 

Friday: TBD after freezer inventory and deal scrounging.  About $3.75, I’m estimating.

Saturday:  Homemade schnitzel (pork ~$3 for six), spaetzle from the pantry ($2.50?), green beans (.39).  About $6.00 for 6 or $4.oo for 4.

 These dinners for four will cost about $27.25, with leftovers.  “Seasonally scratchy” — that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 

 For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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