Great Ways to Use Sale Pork

Pork is on sale this week at several stores.  It’s a great time to stock up and package in meal-size containers for future dinners.  The best deals are bone-in country ribs 1.59/# at Bag N Save, and whole butts 1.48/# at SuperSaver.  I’m going with the butts.

But what do you do with it?

Pork shoulder or pork butt (similar cuts from the upper half) is very versatile.  It’s suited quite well to Crock Pot cooking, which breaks down the connective tissue and slow-cooks it to yummy goodness.  As long as you’re cooking it up, make lots extra.  It can then be chunked or shredded, and stashed in the freezer for a few months; some dishes are enhanced by thawing with seasonings. 

I have a few go-to preparations for pork butts.  Slow Cooker Southwestern Pork Burritos is one option for a Texy-Mexy flavor.  This meat can be used in salads, tacos, and even chilis.  CT has been known to eat it unadorned for lunch.

One of our favorites is BBQ Pork.  It’s an easy, Cheap Thrill when made like I did HERE or HERE.  This is good with or without buns.  BBQ sauce goes on crazy stupid sale in the summer, and I stock up, minding exp dates.  Cabbage on sale at BagNSave this week makes great cole slaw to accompany the meal. 

I also make BBQ “leaner” by using the Crock Pot without adding a thing except salt and pepper.  When it’s done, I remove the meat, leaving bone, fat and fatty liquid in the pot, and using paper towels to dab away all traces of fat.  Shred, package, label and freeze.  It is extremely important to add sauce or other liquids to the package (after cooking and prepping) when freezing meat that has been drained and de-fatted.  When you need it, pull out a package to thaw on a plate in the fridge overnight; the seasoned liquid will flavor the meat as it thaws.

For country ribs, we use the Crock Pot again.  Salt and pepper, tucked into a pot of sauerkraut, and cooked all day….awesome!  I also love this City Chicken recipe, which reminds me of my childhood (in a GOOD way).  It is labor-intensive, though, especially when you need to cut the meat from the bone.  Look for short-dated sales on boneless pork to make this an easy, yummy dish.

How do you use less expensive cuts of pork?


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