Broadmoor Market

Just wanted to share my experience at Broadmoor Market, Countryside Village, 87/Pacific.  I had a Daily Deal Omaha voucher for $25.  Actually, I had two of them, and two experiences.

Last weekend, I used one for some specialty cheeses, salami, crackers, and Christmas specialties — Pears flavored coffee, Stash Christmas Eve tea, Blue Bunny peppermint ice cream, etc.  This weekend, I went back and got some additional Christmas treats — star crackers, candies for stockings, and some produce — and some needed ground beef.  The beef was 4.99/#!  I almost fainted!  But, hey, it was all free to me, so I gulped and put it in the cart.

This is an awesome little market for stopping on the way home, for grabbing a cup of nice coffee while waiting for someone to finish their shopping at Countryside Village, or finding specialty seasonal items.  The wine selection is awesome, and features locals, although I didn’t purchase any.  Broadmoor boasts a full line of local suppliers, and they promote them nicely throughout the store.  (I didn’t know Pears was local!)  Groceries only, some paper goods and laundry supplies, but no sundries or h&b.  I’ll be stopping back in as I’m in the area.

Watch out in the parking lot, though!  Saw a few almost-accidents, and hope I helped prevent one.  Probably the holiday rush…


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