Ding Dong The Treats Are Done!

Zippidee do da!  This year’s round of 800 cookies is complete!  Here’s a look-see at some of the delicious wonders that are now in my freezer, awaiting Friday’s Christmas concert at #1’s school.

Don’t they look festive?  My favorites are these:

But!  After I made them I realized that the black sugar might turn mouths dark.  I gave fair warning to the music director and choir director to caution post-intermission performers to not eat these, and I’m labeling the cookies so servers can keep watch, as well.
There isn’t the variety I had last year.  And there’s not the stress level I had last year, even with 200 extra cookies.  Coincidence….or is it?  Streamlining the variety and decorations really made a difference.  Sugaring before baking meant less time later, and less squeezing of frosting (along with the making, tinting, drying, and storing of the frosting).
After conceding to drop cookies, cookie-making went so much faster!  Not to mention easier.  The brownie cookies were a life saver with the mixes on sale.  There are crushed candy canes in some of them, and dark/mint chips in others.  When I got pouch mixes for really, really Cheap (and they included the chocolate chips), I also used them this year.
Sale eggs, butter and flour were great to have for this year’s project, too.  Eggs as low as .50/dozen, butter as low as 1.48/#, and flour as low as .69/5# — these are more than awesome prices anytime, but especially for volume baking.
So here are my three favorite recipes this year, based on texture, ease, and cost:

The Drop Sugar Cookies are subject to an upcoming experiment (AFTER Friday).  I’m going to see if the batter will work with a cookie press!  I’ll let you know.  I do know that you can add stuff to the batter and it is yummy.  I added a red/green/white jimmies mix to the dough, and topped with white crystal sugar.  Sweet!

I did not make for this event, but also LOVE:

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Cookie Icing/Frosting That Hardens to go on the Roll-Out Cookies

For sugars and decorations in rich colors and unusual shapes that you don’t have to buy in sets, I found Baker’s Kitchen, which I recommend.  I also discovered Mengelsen’s wall-o-cookie cutters, and a friend recommended local Kitchen Collectables, 108/Harrison-ish, which I have not tried yet.

So, overall, I’m pretty happy with this year’s endeavor.  With 35 hours and the cost of ingredients, I think I’ve surpassed my volunteering minimum for the whole year.  “Done!”


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