A Simple Christmas Cookie

I use a simple, easy recipe for Chewy Brownie Cookies when I get behind in my cookie making.  (800 cookies!  WHAT was I thinking?!)  This recipe is so fast and easy.  AND it’s a Cheap Thrill this week! 

If you are a chocoholic — and who isn’t? — you can add chocolate, mint chocolate, or white chocolate chips to the mix.  I’ve also added dried cherries, cranberries, and nuts.  I have also drizzled these with melted almond bark for a yummy treat.  I use my 1T cookie scoop, which I got at Aldi a couple of years ago for about $5.  You can also get these at WalMart, Mengelsen’s, and specialty kitchen stores.  So FAST with this essential tool.

Pillsbury brownie mix is on sale at Bag N Save this week for .79, limit 4.  Each box makes more than 4 dozen for me, but will make more when you add more stuff to the mix.  Wowser!


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