Cookie Update — Closing In On 800

About 550 cookies are in the freezer.  That may seem like a lot to you, but I have 250 left to make.  That’s nearly 21 dozen, if you’re counting, and I am.

The plan was to make a huge amount of Roll Out Cookies, with some batches of drop cookies.  Then I decided half and half.  Well, now there will be more drop cookies than roll-outs.  I pretty much was exhausted after several batches of roll-outs, even though the music notes look awesome.  So I tried a few batches of drop cookies, using my small scoop, and I’m hooked now.  Even when I roll the tops in colored sugars, they are so fast and easy!  I’d hoped for more roll-outs, but this old gal is going for the easy.

And I’m using cake mixes again this year!  (Cake mix is on sale 2/$1 store brand this week at SS.)  And since I have such a stash of flour, sugar and butter, I found an easy-peasy recipe for drops that can be customized — I’ll be pre-measuring several batches for essentially my own mixes.  How convenient: I have some flavor extracts that are screaming to be used!

When I’m not wiped out from “a day” and unexpected errands, I can crank out 5-7 dozen in an evening after dinner.  The wintry weekend ahead will provide me with plenty of opportunity to put on comfortable shoes and just bake away.  These should be done in no time……right?  I have, after all, 16 more days.

800 cookies.  What was I thinking?  (Perhaps my employer isn’t the only one with romaticized visions of my capabilities.)

Here’s a sanity-saving trick, by the way, in case you’re ever “volunteered” to make massive amounts of Christmas cookies.  There’s always (or should be) a little bit of extra dough in the batch.  Put those 2 or 3 cookies on a separate cookie sheet, and after a few batches, at the end of your session you’ll have a full sheet to bake off for your own family cookie stash.  A couple dozen mixed varieties are always welcome around here.

For our personal consumption, after this event I’ll be making flourless peanut butter cookies for my guys again.  So fast and easy, and delicious!



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