Cover Me! I’m Goin’ In!

To WalMart, that is.  Yeah, I know, I know.  But something’s gotta give.  I have less time right now, and less budget.  Price matching close to home is going to help.

There are many PM opportunities, but I seem to have the least hassle at WalMart.  If I just stay on the food side, and get really careful with watching the prices (interpret: don’t take anyone with me, and don’t be in a rush)….it should all work out.  Right?

Last time I PMd at WalMart during the holiday season, I had a mysterious $4 oil purchase on my tab.  Eh, that was quite a while back, though.  I’m willing to give it another shot.  Me being flexy-bendy.  Because my budget is not.

So!  I sit tonight with grocery ads spread about, Sharpie in hand, and a nice cup of decaf tea.  And I’m hoping to find some great meat markdowns.  Tomorrow on my early lunch break I’m heading to the WalMart near where I’m working to see if there are any meat deals left.  But that’s all I’ll have time for.  The rest of my shopping will need to be at another time.

I need backup!  Where’s my pepper spray?!  HA!


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