Menu Planning 11/27-12/3/11

Sorry, menu buddies, I’ve been out of it for a while.  Rest assured, we’ve been eating well and frugally at Chez CT; I just haven’t been posting my wonderful menus regularly.  But I’m back. 🙂

We survived Thanksgiving and its obligatory leftovers.  Dinner for four of us, which included a full leftovers meal, and more meat for a pot pie, cost right around $9.50.  I was so thrilled to get the 15# turkey for under $6!  And now that the scale has revolted, we’re cutting back on rich food as much as humanly possible in our family at the holidays.  Some slimmer meals are on the menu this week, as well as some fast-fixers, and leftover-users.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus:

Sunday:  Pork stew with leftover pork loin (~$1.50), potatoes (.50), carrots (.30), onion (.10), celery (.10); biscuits (~.50).  About $3.00.

Monday:  Soft turkey tacos (prepared meat 1.99, burritos .75, cheese .50), rice (.40), salads (.40).  About $4.10.

Tuesday:  Turkey pot pie (turkey leftover = free, potatoes .25, mixed veg .80, cream soup .59, shells 1.99), salads (.40).  About $4.10.

Wednesday:  Chicken Fajitas (chicken 2.78; peppers on sale 1.50, cut and frozen; onion .10, spices ~.25), rice (.40).  About $5.00.

Thursday:  Tortellini (1.88), red sauce (.44), salads (.40), last of the frozen garlic flats (.79).  About $3.50.

Friday:  Leftover pea soup from the freezer (yeah, it’s still good) (~$1), noodles (.45).  About $1.45.

Saturday:  Crunchy Onion Chicken (the kids have been asking for this) (chicken $3, onions ~.50), steamed potatoes (.75), carrots (.60).  About $4.85.

These dinners for four will cost about $26.00, or about $3.71 per meal (.93/person)!  I’m making more these days….enough to feed six, really.  #1 eats double, and with the weightlifting class, that’s okay.  #2 picked up an appetite suddenly, as well.  I’m glad they’re eating, and glad they like my dinners.  And with the per-meal cost, it ain’t so bad.

 For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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