600 More Cookies to Go…

I have about 200 cookies in the freezer for the school Christmas concert.  600 more to go.

Okay, so that’s 1/4 done.  Last year, 200 was 1/3 done, and it just seemed like more of an accomplishment, you know?

I must admit that my self-directed schedule of cookie making has been neglected.  Yeah, yeah.  One excuse is as good as another.  But I have one month left, and I know I can do it.  My #1 cranked out 6 dozen on Saturday night after church (for a different event, though).  This is doable.

At about $1.75 for 3-5 dozen roll-out cookies, these are a real Cheap Thrill.  My new found source for colored sugars has made decorating fun. 

Rethinking my strategy of all roll-out cookies, I think I’ll do some drop cookies again, after all.  Makes it faster and easier, and it will provide a little variety.  So 200 more roll-out cookies, and the remaining half will be drops. 

Here’s the plan for the drops:  Cake Mix cookies again, with colored sugars; Brownie Mix cookies; chocolate chips; and oatmeal.  And, of course, there’s one special batch for the music director.  Very doable.



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