Menu Planning 11/6-11/12/11

Thank goodness for menu planning!  Last week I had several curve balls tossed at me.  Rough week emotionally, and professionally.  So it was, “Menu Plan to the rescue!” when I needed some evenings to comfort a friend during her loss, and to soothe my own mind after a strange few days of training.  (I’ve come to call this Taming Life’s Drama.)

This week I’ve planned a mix of fresh and frozen, Crock and oven, and even a few comfort meals.  Two will be gone next weekend, so the remaining two are going out.  I’ve mixed the splurges with the frugal meals, and it all works out well.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday:  Jennie O roast turkey with gravy (3.99), rice (.40), “Submarine Zuchinni,”  (~$2).  About $7.50.

Monday:  Leftover tortellini soup in the Crock Pot (FREE since the whole amount is already accounted for), garlic flat crescent dough (.79).  Less than $1.

Tuesday:  Grilled chicken strips ($1.25 total), fresh cauliflower and broccoli (.99), wild rice mix (2 x .75).  About $3.75.

Wednesday:  Creamy pasta with ham & peas, (~2.25), salads (.33).  About $2.50

Thursday:  Frozen meatloaf ($3.00), potatoes (.75), green beans (.50).  About $4.25.

Friday:  For two:  grilled cheese sandwiches (.75), tomato soup (.25).  About $1.00.

Saturday:  Out (different budget).

These dinners for four (two on Friday) will cost about $20.00, or about $3.30 per meal!  So I’m seeing light in the grocery tunnel.  Because I’m paying more attention to the deals, I’m finding them despite my availability (or lack thereof).  I’m using every last bit of things, too, like the vegs (just enough left over from a pot luck veg tray prep). 

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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