Give It Back! ‘Tis Always The Season

Most of us associate food pantry donations with Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But many area organizations help feed the hungry year round.  It’s just more apparent this time of year, when we think of others out in the cold night.

Project Hope Omaha helps local families through tough times, by making sure they’re nourished.  Your contributions at any time of year can help more than you realize.  If you don’t already, consider setting aside a portion of your weekly food purchases, freebies, and great deals to donate to Project Hope.  Contribute through your church,  or directly to the pantry.  Why not sponsor pantry collection at your office?

During November, there is particular need for green beans, fried onions and cream of mushroom soup, canned yams and marshmallows, turkey gravy, canned peas, instant mashed potatoes, stuffing mixes, gelatin, cranberry sauce, and instant oatmeal.  If you’d rather, they will gladly accept cash donations to help purchase additional food.

Give It Back! is an occasional series on Cheap Thrills in Omaha about caring for others in our community.  Something as little as a great sale item can help feed a family well.


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