Product Review: Nature Sweet Tomatoes

Recently, Nikky at ChicksDigDeals sent me a coupon for a FREE bag of Nature Sweet tomatoes that also asked to spread the word after trying them.  Thanks, Nikky!

The only place I’ve found them in my travels is HyVee, where I found myself October 7th picking up a bag of cherry tomatoes.  Regular price was $3.59 for one pound — ouch!  Thanks for the FREE!  I also had a coupon for .75 off a dozen eggs (sale price 1.38) wyb Nature Sweet tomatoes, and was able to use both coupons.  Yay!

I loved the tomatoes.  This Michigan-grown gal is particular about tomatoes, and these were perfectly ripe, sweet and meaty (for cherries), especially for October offering.  But this penny-wise gal is particular about budgets, and these would fit only for a special occassion at the regular price at our home.  Maybe the price is higher because the product isn’t more fully distributed.  Maybe that’s intentional. 

If you’re looking for excellent, quality tomatoes, try the Nature Sweet brand, but be ready for the price.


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