Awesome Deal at My Dentist

Recently, we had some employer changes at Chez CT.  Of course, that means insurance changes, and that means stress.  NOT a Thrill by any stretch.  The premium differences for dental coverage alone are nearly eight times more, and we’re in shell shock!

But in the meantime, I cancelled my dental appointment which would have been a week after our current coverage ends.  In explaining why, I discovered an uninsured cleaning/exam package deal that suits us just fine.  A cleaning, exam and Xray package is just $99 for adults and $79 for kids.  Wow!  Your dentist may or may not have similar packages.  One of the best things about this deal is that because we aren’t subject to insurance rules, we don’t have to wait the six months plus one day they require.  I can make appointments that suit our family, not the insurance company!

For us, the numbers made sense.  It was Cheaper for us to go twice per year with this package, and not pay the insurance premiums.  (We did put DH on the plan, because for just him, the premium was so much lower, and it made sense.)  Knowing my dentist’s costs for possible fillings was helpful in making the decision.

Would this work for you?  First, find out if your dentist has such a package for uninsured patients, and what that is.  Figure out how much that would be for two visits per year for your entire family (this is typically what dental insurance provides).  Then, take the monthly cost for family coverage insurance (the premium), and multiply it by 12 months.  You will probably find that for a family of three, a package deal at the dentist makes much more sense.  And if you can only bring yourself to go to the dentist once per year (I get that), you could be saving more.  Remember, though, that if you have dental issues, you have to weigh those costs, too.  If you’re subject to cavities, or chipping, or crown repair, or if you have replacements, you could be better off with insurance.  If you have three or more children, family insurance coverage could actually work better for you, cost-wise. 

Run the numbers.  Know your policy coverage.  Ask providers.  Don’t be intimidated — it’s your money.



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