800 Cookies!

Last year, I made 600 plus cookies for my son’s Christmas concert.  It was interesting.  There was huge variety.  I felt compelled to decorate extensively.  My freezer overfloweth.  Then we decided we really should have had 800.

This year, I planned well.  I’ve moved freezer goods around, dedicated the largest shelf to cookies only, and am using some storage devices that hold tons in little space.  This is gonna go well.

I decided to cut down on the variety of cookies.  This year it will be mostly Roll Out cookies, some chocolate ones, and, of course, oatmeal chocolate chip for the music director.  I also decided that with the Roll Out cookies, I’m going with sugar sprinkles instead of frosting.  It’s so much easier, and just as pretty.  You just have to plan for it.

Mangelsen’s has a big wall-o-cookie cutters.  I have most of the ones I need, but I’m still looking for a wreath with the middle cut out.  I’ll keep looking at Cookie Cutter Shop online; they have one without the hole.  And I’ll revisit Mangelsen’s.  Between my stash, Cookie Cutter Shop, and local stores, I have stars, trees, musical notes, and angels.  These are simple designs that can be sugared easily.

I also like Mangelsen’s variety of colored sugars.  But I have musical notes to sugar, and the black at Mangelsen’s is really a dark purple.  I ordered some from The Bakers Kitchen online, and it came really fast.  The black is really black, and I like it better.  But it was pricey, and shipping was a hurt.  I should have enough for this year, though.

There’s that little issue with Roll Out cookies of uniform thickness.  There are fancy gadgets and raised boards that are designed to help, and are very expensive.  My rolling pin was a (very nice) gift, but doesn’t have optional spacers.  I’ve used chopsticks in the past to help with spacing, but one end is always tapered.  My trip to Mangelsen’s resolved that issue:  In their balsa wood collection, I found squared dowels 3/16″ thick.  I got one for .99, cut it in half, sanded, and treated the new spacers with cutting board oil.  The dowels do not roll, and there’s no tapering at one end; one on either side of my work area makes for great spacing.  The next batch came out the perfect thickness, and the cookies were uniform.

So now I’m set.  The process has begun already.  I stocked up on flour (as low as 5#for .69), sugar (as low as 4#/$1.38), and butter (as low as 2.48/#).  I also have plenty of parchment paper, sugars, and time.

Let the baking begin!


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