What Is Cheap Thrills Cooking THIS Weekend?

So many deals, so little storage space!  This weekend, Cheap Thrills is cooking up freezer meals and components made from recent deals and stuff that needs to be used quickly!  Sunday will be Cookie Day (stay tuned), but the rest of the time, I’m getting creative.

I picked up the Santa Fe Cooking Creme, and pulled out the Gold N Plump ground chicken I got for “cheep” at Target, which was in the freezer.  One package will be browned and made into taco stuffing, and the other will be used with the Cooking Creme, somehow, to make a filling for Tostitos Scoops (also a bargain) for Husker games.  Still thinking about a recipe for that.

Lasagnes are definitely on the menu!  The $1.99 Italian sausages will be de-cased and browned, and used in two lasagnes and one tortellini soup.  The cheese was .99 at HyVee (limit 4 these days, which is a bummer), and the cottage cheese was less than $1 a while back.  I put it in the freezer, and when it thaws, it’s just the right consistency to sub for ricotta, and that works for my family. 

I picked up six tubes of short dated Pillsbury garlic crescent rolls for .79 each: on sale 1.99 with $1 discount stickers, using .40/2 coupons.  These I’ll make up in a variety of ways (some as bread sticks, some as crescents, some as flatbread), but they’ll be baked up this weekend and tucked into the freezer, as well.

And I absolutely must make up sweet potato fries.  I’ve been craving them, and got a great deal last week on the potatoes.  These are great to pull out to accompany a meal, and are better for you than regular potatoes.

I’ll use my foil pans, my Crock Pot containers (still giddy over that deal), and large freezer bags (can’t wait for the 2-gallon ones to come back).  I did finally get rid of a HUGE stash of food-grade containers I’d accumulated over the past 6 or 7 years.  I kept a few that I regularly use, let #2 have most of the ice cream buckets for storage, and recycled the rest.

At the end of the weekend, I hope to have at least the following meals and parts in the freezer.  I always find additional items when I’m cooking, and prepare them at whim.

Two lasagnes

One tortellini soup

Chicken taco filling

2 or 3 containers of chicken/Santa Fe dip for the Crockette for game days

6 meals worth of garlic bread products

5 meals worth of sweet potato fries

4 or 6 meals worth of prepared rice

1 batch of mushroom and onion whiskey sauce (see, I’m already finding extra stuff to cook)

Well, it’s time to get cookin’!  What are YOU making this weekend?



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