The Freezer, She is Full

Oh, boy!  I got through it.  Meals galore were prepped and packed away today.  Some spur of the moment dishes were surprises even to me, and I wanted to share them.

I got a 3-pack of large zuchini at Aldi for 1.99, and one was sliced lengthwise to use in one of the lasagnes.  I noticed it had few seeds, which made the other two good candidates for zuchini boats.  But those don’t freeze well.  Think, think, think.  I made a pan of “Submarine Zuchini,” which is like a zuchini boat, but the veg is in half moons with the “filling” spread over it.  An un-boat, if you will.   (See what I did there, with the pun, and the funny.)  The soon-to-expire Savory Garlic Cooking Creme was mixed with a package of shredded pepperjack from the freezer (less than $1 on sale), and viola!  This will make a great side dish soon for a plain meal, like broiled chicken breast.

Also tossed together (literally) was a pan of creamy herb pasta with ham, peas and parm.  Cooked whole wheat Fit N Healthy rotini (.89), another soon-to-expire Cooking Creme in Italian Cheese & Herb, a few slices of quality deli ham cut into small pieces, and half a bag of frozen peas; mix to combine; about half a cup of grated Parmesan and toss again.  The spoon tasted awesome.

Recently I found a great-looking recipe for whiskey pork chops that used a sauce of mushrooms, onions and reduced whiskey.  I had a nip left from a previous cooking session, and cooked up the sauce to keep in the freezer to use when I find a great deal on chops.

These were all in addition to three lasagnes, tortellini soup, sweet potato fries, sweet potatoes ready to roast, ground chicken for tacos, plain browned ground chicken for a tailgate dip, and six meals of garlic crescents, knots, spirals, and flat breads. 

Rice cooked in the microwave throughout the cooking session.  Now I have enough for four family meals, ready to pull out and heat up.  There were also leftovers from this week that I packed up in lunch-sized containers and froze.  We have full coffers.  We will not go hungry. 

And we are very, very blessed.


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