Menu Planning 9/18-9/24/11

Boy, that weather turned chilly quickly, didn’t it?!  The slight nip is a welcome turn in our four-season lives.  More baked dishes, Crock Pots, chilis, mmmmmmm!  I’ve been planning for these and stocking the freezer.  My family will eat well in the coming weeks, with little daily effort on my part.  I love it when a plan comes together.

Last week included tons of rich foods late in the week, with breakfast and lunch out on Friday, Oktoberfest on Saturday, and out to dinner on Sunday.  I think I may partially fast for a couple of days for tummy reasons.  The two meatless meals were well-received, so I may try that every other week.

But for this week, we have lifestyle-friendly meals.  It’s a busy week at Chez CT, and I’ll be getting home after a short ride on an unfamiliar route through rush hour.  I have no idea what time that will be, so I’m banking on easy-prep, programming the oven, and the Crock Pots.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus:

Sunday:  Boys: pizza (~$3) and chicken fingers (~$2).  Us: out for a date-night-ish mini celebration (separate budget).  Dinner for the boys about $5, with leftover pizza for lunch on Monday.

Monday:  Crock-heated bbq pork from the freezer (~$2.50), slaw (~.85), Crockette pork n beans (.19).  About $3.55.

Tuesday:  Cheese ravioli from the freezer ($1.50), sauce (.54), broccoli (.50).  About $2.55.

Wednesday:  Sweet Salsa Dump Chicken (chicken $1.85 [ Target Gold N Plump deal], preserves ~.45, taco seasoning ~.15, salsa ~.65), rice (.40).  About $3.50.

Thursday:  Individual beef nacho bakes — got this idea from Sandra Lee — (chips .50, beef topping .25 [really], taco seasoning .15, cheese .1.67, lettuce .10, salsa .35).  About $2.50.

Friday:  Sandwiches: guys setting up Oktoberfest tent.  These will be purchased and donated to the church effort.

Saturday:  Oktoberfest* at church, possibly Papa Murphy’s if absolutely necessary to have more food after taking down the event.

*  Zion Lutheran, 144/Ida, 12-5 pm.  Brats, pretzels, root beer (no real beer, sorry), games, FREE pony rides for the first 100 kids, German dancers, and a whole lotta fun!  Everyone wilkommen to help celebrate our 125th anniversary!

These meals for four, just the home meals, will cost about $17.00.  We’re still fortunate to have most meals with all of us at the table; sometimes we need to eat in shifts.  What’s on your menu?

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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