Zaycon Foods: A New Way of Buying

There’s a new(ish) way to buy in bulk in Bellevue and Lincoln, and it could be for you.

Zaycon Foods has been around since 2009, to bring fresh meats and produce direct from the farms to consumers.  The concept is different, but it could save you lots on quality products.

Zaycon takes orders on specific items, delivers it to a refrigerated site, and you pick it up at a predetermined time.  Right now they’re offering high-quality, fresh bacon at $2.97/#, and coming soon, boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  You have to get large quantities, but it’s easy to split with friends or neighbors, and/or freeze after repackaging.  There’s a pickup location in Bellevue, the closest one to Omaha.

This kind of buying is not consistent.  You have a four-hour window to pick up your product.  You need freezer space and time to prep.  But I’ve heard the meats are unbeatable and the produce is extremely fresh!  Check out their site for more info. 

Let us know by commenting below if you’ve done Zaycon before, and how you liked it.


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