Menu Planning 9/11-9/17/11

This week, I have some extra time.  WHAT?!  It’s a real luxury, I’ll tell you.  Having another driver is so worth the insurance cost.  Already I’ve cut out several trips to activities, eliminated rides to the credit union, trips to the store, and juggling who’s leaving early for church.  Awesome.

Here it’s all about the Cheap Thrills, so I’m out and about grabbing deals on meats and other ingredients, and making plans to put together meals for the freezer.  I’m also taking some time to make meals that I usually don’t have time for with the dine-and-dash mealtimes we tend to have.  Time is on my side, yes, but I know hectic days are on the horizon.  It never hurts to have a plan.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday:  Spaghetti (.69) marinara (.54), with garden salads (~$1 with fancy croutons), and garlic rolls ($1.50).  About $3.75.

Monday:  Creamy Chicken Enchiladas (~$2/batch, made with leftover picked chicken, sale ingredients, and Cheap homemade enchilada sauce) from the freezer; small green salads (.50).  About $2.50.

Tuesday:  Tuna ($2) cakes, boiled potatoes with butter and parsley (~.50), steamed green peas (.48).  About $3.25.

Wednesday:  “Pierogi Noodles,” a dish I grew up with: rotini noodles (.89), kraut (.89), butter (.40), s&p; Polish sausages cut up ($.50 for all); green beans (.35) with bacon (.25).  About $3.30.

Thursday:  Just for two: grilled cheese sandwiches (~.75), tomato soup (.09 — really).  About $.85.

Friday:  Baked chicken fingers ($2.36), slaw (~.50), tomatoes (.05), steamed corn (.48).  About $3.40.

Saturday:  Oktoberfest at the German American Society!  Sublime.

These meals for four, not including the Oktoberfest, will cost about $17.00!  I’m trying one no-meat meal per week, and one fishy meal per week, and it’s working out well (psst, I have two no-meat meals this week, don’t tell).  I’m feeling more in control of our food expenses these days, especially since we’re eating less meat (and I’m seeing some great prices return).  The special occasions are over for a few months, and that will help stabilize things.  Even our Husker football food fits into the Cheap Thrills of Chez CT.

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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