Menu Planning 9/4-9/10/11

These days, I never know where I’m going to be, or what the evening will bring.  Seriously.  It’s the nature of the biz, and the nature of having a teen on the cusp of driving alone.  When he has license in hand, out evenings will relax a little.

But for now, I’m all about the easy, and the plan-ahead.  Tripling up on the grilling.  Digging the Crock Pot.  Freezing a few leftovers-into-meals.  I’ve got menus planned for two weeks, plus most of the Wednesdays (because that’s an every-week dash) for a month or so.

So here’s what’s on our menus this week.  We grilled on Sunday instead of Labor Day Monday, because the boys wanted to see a movie on Monday — a rare treat.

Sunday:  Grilled burgers (1.88/#), hot dogs (FREE), leftover chips and whatnots (B1G1F).  About $3.50 with buns.

Monday:  Pre-grilled split chicken breasts (1.50), broccoli (.90), potatoes (.50).  About $3.

Tuesday:  Ravioli lasagne (~$3), salads (.50).  About $4 with dressings and croutons.

Wednesday:  Crock Pot reheated pork bbq (.99/#), corn (.59), fries (~$1).  About $4.50.

Thursday:  #1’s sauerkraut (tres expensiv!) and Stoysich brats ($2 per!) to celebrate his big birthday.  Nothing Bundt Cake (FREE).  A splurge to remember, probably ~$15.

Friday:  Fish sticks (2.99), fries ($1), carrots (.50).  About 4.50.

Saturday:  Chicken chili (ground chicken $1, tomatoes w/chiles .59 x 2, salsa 1.29, beans 3 x .59, assorted seasonings ~ .50), salads (.50).  Chili = ~$6, but will make 3 meals plus a couple lunches, so this meal will be about $3.

These meals, not including the birthday splurge, will cost me about $22.50.  The birthday dinner is far, far less than going out to eat — plus, we’ll have leftovers.  I’m seeing that groceries are costing more and more.  I used to do these menus for $15-20.  True, I’m not snagging the kind of deals I was last year, because I’m working more.  I guess that’s a tradeoff.

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?


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