No Thrill at All

Readers, you may have noticed a lull in my blogging this week.  I was “indisposed” earlier this week, with a GI test.  A colonoscopy, to be precise.  It is not a Thrill.  But it had to be done.

And I encourage each of you over 50, or with a family history of even one family member with colorectal cancer, to schedule, endure and conquer this test.  I dreaded it.  I heard stories.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  And a coworker shared her opinion that, “it is so not a big deal.” 

Well, it so is a big deal, I won’t lie.  But the results will outweigh the tribulation, and you will have peace of mind.  Either you’ll be relieved that nothing is amiss, or you will be able to address any abnormalities before it’s too late.  In my case, I’m in great shape, and that is a HUGE relief.  (Family history entirely on one side, and partially on the other.)

Most insurance carriers cover this procedure 100%, if nothing is found and addressed.  Check with your insurance carrier to see what’s what, before you schedule your appointment.

That’s my promo for this medical diagnostic.


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