Menu Planning 8/28-9/3/11

Good Grief!  I’m so happy I live by meal planning!  Plan changes, oops-I-forgots, and an uncertain series of events plagued us last week, but I remained like a duck, able to leap tall problems in a single bound!  Yay, menus!

This week starts with my not eating.  A thing.  Really.  Prepping for a med test, after which I will devour whatever I can get my hands on.  For me, it was all liquids all day Sunday, followed by meds, followed by NOTHING this morning (Monday) until after the procedure at 8 am.  Ugh!  The boys ate well, though.  Must have been nice, but I wouldn’t know.

The rest of my time during the week remains unknown.  Part of it depends on Monday’s results, and part of it depends on some approvals, sign-offs and stuff for work.  So, I’ve planned as if I’m not coming home till 5:30, meaning everything is fast-fixin’ except for the Crock Pot meal, until the weekend.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menu this week:

Sunday:  Guys have pasta (.49), meatballs (1.98), red sauce (.27), salads (.50).  About $3.25.

Monday:  Rotisserie chicken (2.99 x 2/3), boiled potatoes (.50), broccoli (.60).  About $3.10.

Tuesday: Leftover frozen pork ($2), stir-fryable vegs ($1), rice (.40).  About $3.40.

Wednesday:  Another rotisserie chicken (2.99 x 2/3), PastaRoni (~$1), salads (.50).  About 3.50.

Thursday:  Fish sticks (2.99), fries (1.69), grean beans (.25).  About $4.95.

Friday:  Crock Pot of noodles (.49), Polish (.50), kraut (.69), salads (.50).  About $2.20.

Saturday:  Chicken fajitas (~$3), rice (.40).  About $3.40.

These meals will cost me about $23.80 for my fam of four.  The rotisserie chickens will also give me enough for two additional meals after picking (plus, they’re soooo good).  They’re on sale at Bag N Save through Tuesday for 4.99 – $2 coupon HERE = 2.99 each  (coupon is tried and true at Bag N Save).  Lunches will include plenty of peanut butter sandwiches (Planters pb .24 on sale w/coupon and Country Hearth bread 1.44 on sale w/coupon), and Fritos (B1G1FREE mailer coupon). 

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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