Slimmer This Summer: Week 12 — The Mea Culpa Version

Slimmer This Summer update: 

Goal weight loss:  16.5#
Loss this week:  .0#
Loss to date:  6.5#
Remaining toward goal:  10.0# 


Sorry, sorry, sorry.  Haven’t been posting, yes, I know.  Also haven’t been losing, as I’d planned.  It was a weird summer, and I did not respond well to it.  But, hey!  I’ll take — or leave — 6.5 big ones.

Next week is the final weigh-in.  Will it be considered cheating that by happenstance I will be prepping for a GI test (the over-50 one everyone loathes), and not eating, plus having the added bonus of totally cleaning out?  I’m expecting a loss of 4-5 #, really and truly.  Normally, I’d say,  “A pound is a pound,” but in this case, it’s a bit different.  And a tad more uncomfortable, not to mention drastic.  Definitely neither Cheap nor a Thrill.

My eating has been so-so, and that goes to show that it really does matter what you put in your mouth.  So-so eating yields so-so body response, which in my case has meant no loss.  I’ve walked at the arboretum each weekend, and parked far away from the door, and taken the stairs instead of the elevator (one floor).  But daily motion has not been prominent in my world the last few weeks.

My life, and the shifting of the Sun, have meant no morning walks, with impossible evening activity, except on weekends.  A data-intense assignment has meant a bodily shift to the southern hemisphere, iykwim.  I try to stand as much as possible, but most of the work is at a computer.  This ends (mixed emotions) this Friday, and a new opportunity begins next week, but I’m thinking the sedentary part will remain constant.

So, there you go.  You get out what you put in.  I really focused on this project at the beginning, but it took a back seat to other things.  When I do choose to make it a priority, I will be successful.  (Sorry for all the puns.  Not really.)

Thanks so much to Debbi at Debbi Does Dieting for hosting this summertime challenge!  It’s been a trip — or a journey, I guess.


2 thoughts on “Slimmer This Summer: Week 12 — The Mea Culpa Version

  1. Yes, the losing IS harder the older we get, but not impossible. It just takes more time. I’m a slow loser, too, and yes, it is SO frustrating at times. I have to keep looking at my overall chart, the one that gently glides down over a period of several years, and remind myself that it did go DOWN. That’s all that matters, not the time frame.


  2. Congrats on yoyr 6.5likes. Feel proud snd hold your head high. It gets harder and harder to lose with aging. I will also have a low overall total for the STs, but that is because I have accepted that I am a very slow loser. A loss is a loss! Have a great week and good luck with that test!


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