Readers Review Howard’s Restor-A-Finish

Recently, we redecorated #2’s room to reflect his more “mature” lifestyle, now that he’s in middle school.  In order to spend ZERO dollars so far, we moved some furniture from room to room.  And, in the process, we scratched some trim.  We also put a few scratches in the stairway rail I’d already carefully reconditioned with Howard Products’ Restor-A-Finish in early May.  Such is life in our home.

As I plan to bring out the Howard’s again while the guys are camping in a few weeks, I thought I’d share with you some of the comments I received from some of the winners of this spring’s giveaway.  Another big thank-you to Eric Howard at Howard Products for providing these products!

Dawn wrote in:

“I have been using the Howard Restor-A-Finish and love it!…The railing in our living room now looks fantastic!  The Howard products really cleaned and shined it up.  Amazing!  I’ve since used it on the cupboards in my bathroom, DH’s bathroom, and baseboards.  Yesterday, I started on the kitchen cupboards.  I was telling my neighbor about the product, and she has expressed interest in it.”

Thanks, Dawn!  We do want to pass along how great this product is, because even at retail, it’s a really Cheap Thrill!

Jacki also wrote in:

“I have used the Feed-N-Wax on the woodwork trim in our master bath.  There were water spots on the window trim, I suspect from when our little grandson had fun in our whirlpool bath.   I used the Feed-N-Wax on a soft cloth and it did a wonderful job of restoring the finish and also conditioning it.  I am VERY happy with this product and can’t wait to do all of our trim work, doors and cabinets.  I know the results will be even nicer than when we purchased the house and it was “new”.  I would definitely give this product a “thumb’s up”.  Again, thanks so much and let the folks at Howard know just how happy I am with this product…I plan to tell others!” 

So glad you had such outstanding results!  Water damage is the worst, isn’t it?  These are nearly miracle products in sprucing up surface damage.

If you’ve used these products and care to share, we’d love your comments below.  If you have another thrifty product you love and would like to tell us about, please contact me and we’ll start a post.


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