Who Nu?

WhoNu?  Great name for this new cookie product!  Who knew you could pack that much nutrition in a really tasty cookie?!

I recently used coupons and sales to get several packages of these cookies for .75 each.  They’re on sale 2/$5 at Bag N Save through 8/16/11 – (2) bogo – (2) $1 = .75 each wyb4.  I wasn’t sure how these would play at home, but for .75, I figured we could donate them if necessary.  No way!  They’re staying here.

We tried the WhoNu? chocolate sandwich cookies and they are awesome!  To me, they tasted just like expensive name brand cookies, but with the knowledge that they pack a nutritional wollop.  I would much rather know that my kids are enjoying these than worry about the fat and calories in the other ones.  A serving is three cookies, which is much more intelligent than some other package nutrition info, and is 160 calories, 7 g fat, 1 g protein, 3 g fiber, 25% RDA vitamin C, 30% RDA calcium, and 25% RDA vitamin D.  That’s pretty good for a cookie.

The packaging is innovative, with a unique resealable bag inside the box.  But the type of cookie isn’t on the bag, so you have to put it back in the box.  Well, maybe that will keep them from getting crushed in the cupboard.  And maybe it will deter mindless easy grabbing of cookies.  They do stay fresh, so the package is a winner.

Take advantage of this sale!  Even if you hide them away and ration them out, it’s worth it.


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