Weekly Dinner Deals 8/4/11

Welcome to Weekly Dinner Deals on Cheap Thrills!  We show you how to put together great meals with the week’s sales.  These deals can be price matched, or you may have bargain items in your freezer or pantry.  Meals serve a family of four, two adults and two kids.  If you have a tween or teen, or very hungry adults, you may need to increase quantities.

HyVee does it again with .88/# bone-in chicken breasts!  This is a most excellent price, and I encourage you to stock up!  Go out and back in again if you have to.  These are incredibly versatile pieces of meat:

  • Put several in a Crock Pot with S&P on low for 6-8 hours; cool till warm; pick the meat off in large chunks and small shreds and package by size for future meals.  Season in the bag with any dry or liquid seasoning you like.  EASY, Cheap Thrills for the freezer!
  • Remove breast meat for boneless, skinless portions; remove tenders; use remaining bones with bits of meat for stock.  Flash freeze breasts and tenders flat (1 hour on a lined cookie sheet), then portion in freezer bags for future use.  I like to make “dump chicken” freezer recipes with these.
  • Remove fat chunks, marinate or rub, and grill!  Try this rub.

I’d go for the grill this weekend — lovely weather expected here after the last few weeks.  While you’re at it, grill up some quartered and cored bell peppers (.48 each @ HyVee), and sweet onions.  Serve with some Reser’s salads from Fareway (.99 – $1/2 when you sign up HERE = .49 each wyb2).  This meal for four will cost you about $3.25.

If you, like me, are going nuts with the whole BTS game, swing by No Frills and get a Tyson whole baked deli chicken (5.99 – $2 coupon HERE = 3.99).  While you’re there, pick up some mac & cheese (.18).  This is not how I’d like to eat all the time, but in a pinch, you got your protein, carbs and, if you have some fruit on-hand (strawberries across the street at Aldi for .88/#), your fiber and fruit.  This meal for four will cost you about $2.62 if you eat half the chicken, holding leftovers for….

….chicken tacos!  Use the rest of your picked deli chicken ($1.75).  At No Frills, get Old El Paso flour tortillas (8-ct, smaller size) (.95 after in-ad coupon – .50 insert coupon = .45).  You might still have salsa in your pantry from last week’s sale (1.68/jar; use 1/3).  Get some lettuce at Bag N Save for .99/head.  Serve with a side of corn (.59 @ HyVee).  This meal for four will cost you about $3.85.  Add cheese if you have it (1.33 last week; ~.45)

The more you build your freezer and pantry inventory, the easier, and Cheaper, it will be to put together great, nutritious meals at a reasonable cost for your family.  These prices reflect only recent sales, mostly this week’s.  If you buy at rock bottom prices, and store appropriately, your options will increase.  It doesn’t take much time, effort, or money to add one or two loss leaders each week.


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