Slimmer This Summer: Week 8

Slimmer This Summer update: 

Goal weight loss:  16.5#
Loss this week:  .0#
Loss to date:  6.0#
Remaining toward goal:  10.5# 


Another quick update this week — Life is crazy right now, and I’m on a new (early) assignment.  Weight stayed the same.  No walking in the storms or 85-degree morning heat/humidity!  I did try a home workout and the Biggest Loser Kinect thing.  Was able to control my own workout, and felt great, with a .5 initial loss (regained).  But the BL, while a really good workout, did make me a little lightheaded.  I’m not putting cause on the concussion for that, but my lack of conditioning, and slight dehydration.  And the dehydration is caused by this heat, not by not drinking — I am drinking plenty of water.

Eating:  Who brought those chips in this house?!  And, I’d like to know, why is all that ice cream in the freezer?  Oh, yeah.

Still moving forward.  How’s by you?

Denise Austin - Get Fit, Tight and Toned!


3 thoughts on “Slimmer This Summer: Week 8

  1. I was going to get the Biggest Loser for Wii but chickened out cause I thought it would be too hard… LOL! We’ve been pretty hot here also, makes it hard to want to do much of anything.


  2. The BL is a hard workout. I have the Wii version, but I’ve heard they are similar. With Wii you can adjust the difficulty level, if you can with Kinect maybe you should start out on the easiest one?


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