Menu Planning 7/3-7/9/11

The weather folks were correct last week, and it was a scorcher on Thursday, with Friday close behind.  And those two days were the busiest of our week, as it turned out.  A last-minute job assignment kept me in a cool office, but with less (= none) evening time.  Thank goodness for menu plans!  A few tweaks to the menus b/c of one dietary restriction that wasn’t communicated promptly, but all in all it was a successful week.

This week brings casual eating for us.  Relaxing is the operative word.  Grilling on the 4th means pre-cooked stuff for the rest of the week.  Plenty of lemonade and other cool drinks, and easy-peasy meals.  Viola!  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday:  Beef taco salads without meat for one (meat 1.53 + stuff, ~$2.50 total), Fritos (FREE) for the guys.  About $2.50.

Monday:  Grilled chicken: whole (2.25), cut up (.50), and extra, pork & beans (.19), potatoes for the guys (.40), tomatoes, salads (.50).  About $4.00.  Also, apple pie with ice cream for dessert (.45/serving = 1.80).

Tuesday:  Pre-grilled boneless pork ribs (2.85), noodles for the guys (.29), cooked apples (.25), peas (FREE).  About $3.50.  (This meal was supposed to be salmon, but got switched with last week’s Saturday pork chops.)

Wednesday:  Chicken Fajitas (pre-grilled chicken .98/#, peppers .50 each), tortillas for the guys (.70), leftover rice for the guys (.30), salads (.50).  About $4.00.

Thursday:  Crocked Italian steaks (~$2) recipe to be “improvised,” green veg recipe ($1), leftover pasta for the guys.  About $3.25.

Friday:  Pan-grilled boneless pork chops ($2), carrots (.50), tomatoes (?), corn for the guys ($1).  About $4.00.

Saturday:  Shanghai Chicken Meatballs (doubled, ground chicken 1.59/#, other ingredients on-hand), rice for the guys (.30), vegs (green onion, celery, carrot, peas, garlic, ginger, ~.50).  About $2.50.

These menus will get my family through the week for about $25.50 with holiday dessert.  Boys will be improvising lunches with leftovers and sandwiches, and breakfasts will be high-protein.  Ah, the Good Life.

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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